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During 2012 the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will push on with its loan scheme to improve the energy efficiency of homes and smaller industrial and commercial premises, though details are still less clear about commercial premises. Depending who you talk to, somewhere between five and six million homes could access the loan scheme under the ‘Green Deal’ banner. Any loans will be paid off via the normal energy billing systems as savings are made, the use of smart metering being key to this.

While there is some suspicion of the Government after the poor handling of the Feed in Tariff for photovoltaic installations, DECC are committed to go ahead with the Green Deal – they simply cannot hit their environmental targets if they do not. There is more about the scope of their plans on the tab headed ‘Green Deal’ on this website. The one thing that is certain is that Consumers will expect their Contractor to be an expert in renewable and intelligent energy use – there is enormous potential for switched on Contractors.

In line with this, DCET are pleased to announce the expansion of their renewable training offer.

-          The core of training remains the 2399 City & Guilds Photovoltaic training. There is a separate tab on this website explaining why photovoltaic installations will remain key to energy management and conservation going forward in spite of the recent ‘blip’. DCET have been delivering this qualification since its launch with excellent results and feedback.

-          The popular ECA-accredited MCS Made Easy course, designed for those responsible for surveying, specifying, designing and quoting for microgeneration systems, is regularly offered. Ring to check for availability.

-          Key to the Green Deal, but also to meet Part F of Building Regulations, the BPEC-accredited Domestic Ventilation System training is now up and running. Successful completion of this training will enable you to join the relevant Competent Persons scheme and you will be competent for a key part of the Green Deal Installer scheme.

-          Now the National Occupational Standards have been agreed, DCET can also offer training to allow you, or one of your team, to be a Green Deal Advisor (formerly Domestic Energy Assessor).  This is a vital role as before any Client can access the Green Deal their building must be assessed and any possible energy saving measures put in place. On successful completion of this training the Advisor will be able to formally issue an Energy Performance Certificate, the magic document to allow the Client to access the Green Deal. 

Other training and proposed training will be added to this list as time progresses. Needless to say, other relevant training (eg Working at Height, Asbestos Awareness etc) can be found elsewhere on the website.

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