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JIB Mature Candidate Assessment

If you have many years' experience working in the electrical industry but never completed an apprenticeship or the NVQ Level 3, there is now a way to get formally assessed and meet the requirements for an ECS Gold Card from the JIB.

The JIB Mature Candidate Assessment recognises existing industry experience and takes into account the work you have been carrying out to date. When you are successful you gain the industry Level 3 qualification.

There are two routes, as follows, and the route that you take will depend on what qualifications you undertook and when you successfully completed them:  

City & Guilds 2356-99 in Electrotechnical Services for the Experienced Worker Route 
This is for candidates who have a minimum of five years industry experience, and have successfully completed at least one of the following before 2009:
• C&G 'A' Certificate
• C&G 'A' Certificate plus 'B' Certificate
• C&G 2360 Part 1
• C&G 2360 Part 1 plus 2360 Part 2
• C&G 2351 L3
• C&G 2330 L2
• C&G 2330 L2 & 2330 L3

EAL Level 3 Diploma in Electrotechnical Services for the Experienced Worker Route
This is for mature candidates and experienced workers who are currently practicing electrical operatives and have been doing so for at least five years, without any career breaks:
• Candidates will hold a minimum of Level 2 electrotechnical certificate, however this is dependent on the candidate being able to demonstrate competency at the discretion of the Assessment team.
• Whilst not a mandatory requirement, it is highly recommended that all candidates hold the most current Regulation qualification (currently 17th Edition).

Candidates will also need to pass the industry achievement measurement competency assessment from the NET - the NET AM2 Skills Test.

Candidates who are successful will be eligible to apply for an Installation Electrician ECS Gold Card from the JIB.

The cost for the 2356-99 and the EAL ETS 3 route is £1,350+VAT.

The cost for the NET AM2 Skills Assessment is £665+VAT.

For further information please call us at our Exeter Training Centre on .

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