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Service Level Agreement

We offer you:
•·         Confidentiality
•·         Transparency in all our services to students
•·         Impartial information, advice and guidance
•·         A choice of courses
•·         Teaching and learning methods to suit your needs
•·         Qualified and competent tutors and staff
•·         Extra help and support as appropriate
•·         Modern learning materials and equipment
•·         A learning plan to suit your abilities and needs
•·         Review of progress
•·         Opportunities to develop your career
•·         Signposting to alternative networks as appropriate
•·         Recognition of achievements
•·         Equality, diversity and respect
•·         A welcoming, safe and healthy place to learn
•·         Opportunity to comment on our level of service
•·         Responsive action to your complaints or criticism

We ask of you:
•·         Attend courses regularly and punctually
•·         Respect other students and staff
•·         Take ownership and responsibility of your learning plan
•·         Complete documentation and course work on time
•·         Seek additional support if you need it
•·         Provide feedback on the service as requested
•·         Advise us on changes to your personal details
•·         Comply with the code of conduct and regulations of the company
•·         Not to accept or participate in any form of discrimination, harassment and/or 
            bullying and report any such findings
•·         Respect the property of the company, staff and fellow students
•·         Follow Health & Safety policy and report any unsatisfactory conditions or 
            potential hazards to a staff member

Equality and Diversity
DCET Training strives to achieve a culture of excellence without exclusion, the elimination of prejudice and discrimination of all kinds, and this has become thoroughly embedded in the culture of our organisation. We are committed to providing learning and working opportunities for all.

How to make a comment, complaint or compliment
Please contact us directly via phone or email or via our website and click on the Contact Us section.


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